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Any donations given will be very appreciated and equally split between every mod that has been active this month!

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chxrley_ tipped $5.00

over 1 year ago

giving because the mods deserve so much better than being associated with this channel. i hope everyone is doing ok and luke gets genuine help

fen :) tipped $5.00

almost 2 years ago

modchamps u deserve it

Cheese tipped $20.00

about 2 years ago


JayTheDog tipped $5.00

about 2 years ago

Your really useful and luke wouldnt be able to do anything without you lol

Bumble___bee_ tipped $3.00

about 2 years ago

Mod love<3 Hope everyone is having a fantastic day

Bumble___bee_ tipped $3.00

about 2 years ago

Mod appreciation <3

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