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Someone tipped $50.00.

To the bestest mods <3 :D

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You Earn:


Setup a page, invite your team, and start receiving tips in minutes.

Automatic splits, individual payouts, chargeback protection, and no fees.

How does it work?

You create and customize your page in minutes.

Invite up to 50 team members and define splits.

Your supporters tip your team directly on your page.

We automatically split tips and do weekly payouts.

Plus, benefits like...

Chargeback Protection

We monitor fraud and handle chargebacks. You're risk-free.

Control & Customization

Tools to customize your page and control the experience.

Data & Reports

From taxes to growth, we want you to have the data you need.


A growing list of integrations for audience engagement.

Best of all? 0% platform fees!

We're here to support creators and their teams, not investors.

All third-party processing fees are transparent and our platform is supported through completely optional tips.

Featured creators

Check out some of the creators already earning with Pally!

Tools to engage your audience

Show tip alerts on stream

Give your tippers recognition, with customizable settings for:

  • ✅ Image
  • ✅ Sound and volume
  • ✅ Text and color
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decadenteggs tipped $25.00!

Let's get your mods PAID!!!

Customizable goal overlay

$175 / $200

Twitch chat bot

🙌 pallygg: decadenteggs tipped $25.00!

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