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thank you for wanting to support me! feel free to leave a small extra tip for pally as well ❤

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Someone tipped $3.00

about 2 months ago

Anonymous tipped $10.00

3 months ago

Aki tipped $20.00

3 months ago

volframC tipped $200.00

3 months ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! what a february it's been!

Irritated Sloth tipped $200.00

3 months ago

Last bit to push the goal before tomorrow

Irritato potato tipped $95.00

3 months ago

Anita max wyn

Fawna tipped $10.00

4 months ago

Happy Birthday wonderful Ari 🥰💕 Please get yourself a lovely treat 🍰

Trema tipped $435.00

4 months ago

Sloth tipped $75.00

4 months ago

Anonymous tipped $10.00

4 months ago

happy iceborne

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